Not Your Father’s Stock Market


Hello again from Kansas City, as late June approaches with the kids enjoying summer and temperatures in the mid-90s. Of course, if you’re actively in the market, it may feel even warmer.

Indeed, investing has been a hot mess in 2022 with the S&P down more than 20% and the Nasdaq off 30%. On some days, the market zigs while, on other days, it zags, and the only certainty seems to be uncertainty.

Despite that painful backdrop, my dad, Jeff Sr., is on my mind as I think about the many lessons, he’s taught me over the years.

My dad set a high bar for me at an early age by earning Academic All-American honors as a University of Nebraska running back and becoming a first-round pick of the Kansas City Chiefs in 1972. I spoke to him this week about his contract he signed with the Chiefs in 1972. He signed for $19,500 a year — a little different that today’s first round contracts! His career and determination inspired me to play Division I football while concentrating on my studies as well.

While thinking of my dad, I was reminded of an old advertising slogan that brought fathers to the commercial forefront. It was 1988 – my freshman year at the University of Illinois – and General Motors unveiled a campaign entitled “This is not your father’s Oldsmobile,” for its newly introduced, state-of-the-art Cutlass Supreme.

The rollout of the car was a big deal for GM with one ad touting the vehicle’s “four-wheel disc brakes, multi-port, fuel-injected V6 engine…and an aerodynamic style that even the wind can’t resist.” Wow! 🙂

Of course, as the Cutlass Supreme was not your father’s Oldsmobile, today’s investing options are vastly different than what our fathers – and mothers – had access to back in 1988. At that time, being in the market typically meant one thing: investing in common shares of blue-chip companies like IBM, Coca-Cola and, yes, General Motors. ETFs were still a few years from being created, individuals typically didn’t buy and sell real estate and the idea of a cryptocurrency would’ve seemed best suited for an episode of “Star Trek.”

Fast forward to today, and it is more important than ever to consult your financial advisor and consider options like alternative investments to diversify one’s portfolio for bumpy times like these.

As you’ve likely noticed, we’re in the midst of a revolution when it comes to alternatives and, at Realto, we believe our concept – and our company – is at the forefront. After all, this isn’t your father’s market, is it?

So, if you want to trade in your bell bottoms, hang up your sweater vest and join us on our journey to change the buying and selling of alternative investments. Providing liquidity where it wasn’t possible before.

Thank you Jeff Kinney Sr. for helping set me on this path to changing the real estate investment market. I am proud to be your son.

Jeff Kinney – President