Happy Mother’s Day from Realto


Hello from Kansas City where the weather is (hopefully) starting to turn for the better as we prepare to celebrate Mother’s Day. As you might guess, I’m dedicating this post to my mom, Becky Kinney, and all of mothers out there. They may not wear capes but, let’s face it, they are superhuman.

Who else but a mom can find items that have been lost for months? Can clean the house in a matter of minutes when they learn someone is dropping by unexpectedly? And can endure a day of hard work full of twists and turns, and still find time to attend their children’s events and read a good bedtime story?

Indeed, there is nothing like a mom. Like so many others, my mom did “awesome” every day and made the extraordinary seem ordinary. She learned the tricks of the trade directly from her mother – my grandmother – Virginia “Sparky” Anderson and, yep, no matter the situation, my mom was always right on the money.

Yes, always right on the money and, it should be said, right about money as well.

In fact, according to a 2021 survey by the National Financial Educators Council, mothers are more likely than fathers to teach their children about money. My dad certainly taught us a lot through the years but, when it comes to finances, I’d say the survey describes my childhood home as well. Mom definitely dispensed a lot of sense about cents through the years.

Some of my favorite financial Becky Kinney-isms:

  1. Start working early in life and do something that you love.
  2. Work hard and start saving with that first paycheck.
  3. Borrow money only when necessary.
  4. Appreciate the financial blessings that you have.

Of course, while moms often know what is best for you, they can’t take the place of experts like certified financial advisors, the professionals who are trained to understand the marketplace and help grow your money over time. And, if you don’t have one, it’s probably time to find one.

Once you’ve got that advisor in place and the conversation turns to diversification, it may be time to ask them about investing in alternatives through the fully automated, proprietary Realto platform. After all, it’s the kind of user-friendly, web-based solution that a mother could love.

Much love to my mom Becky and all the mothers out there for all that you do! Happy Mother’s Day! We appreciate and love you!

Take care,


P.S. Mom I am looking forward to your next story.  The 10th episode of “The Flippermitchells”!